Who Won The First World Cup?


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Thirteen countries took part in the first World Cup finals which were held in Uruguay in recognition of their victories in the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games.
FIFA had planned to stage an international competition from the time it was founded, in 1904. In reality, it was to be 26 years before the World Cup began and, when it did, it was rather with a whimper than a bang. Because of the long distances involved, only four European teams travelled to South America, and they sailed together on the same boat.
Belgium, France, Yugoslavia and Romania made the trip and Romania were there only because of the intervention of King Carol who asked companies, whose employees were chosen for the squad, to give them time off work.
Although several matches were poorly supported, the final between neighbouring South American rivals Uruguay and Argentina on July 30th attracted a crowd of 93,000. Uruguay won 4-2.
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If the world cup in question is football then I believe that answer is Uruguay the year was 1938 although I am not certain if it was Germany or Brazil in the final.
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It was 1930. The team that won the 1st World Cup was indeed Uruguay, but they beat Argentina in the finals.

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Uruguay indeed it was also held in uruguay the first world cup but there were only 16 teams in the first one in 1930.

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