Who Has Won The World Cup The Most Times?


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Brazil has won it most times... 5 times...
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Brazil has won the most with 5
Italy is second with 4 wins
West Germany is third with 3
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Only eight countries have won the World cup Championship since it began in 1930.
Brazil hold the title for having lifted the World Cup five times. They are also the only team in the World to have appeared in every World Cup competition.
It is generally considered to be the strongest football nation in the world and a common quip about football is: "The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it".
Italy aren't far behind as a footballing nation having won the competition four times, the latest being this year ( 2006).
West Germany (or Germany as they are now known) have won the World Cup three times, the last time being sixteen years ago in 1990.
England have pitifully only won the competition once, which was on home soil when they held the tournament in 1966.

To sum up:
Brazil, 5 (2002, 1994, '70, '62, '58)
Italy, 4 (2006, 1982, '38, '34)
West Germany, 3 (1990, '74, '54)
Spain, 1 (2010)
England, 1 (1966)
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Brazil have won the World Cup 5 times:

1958 5-2 against Sweden in the Final
1962 3-1 (I think) against Czechoslovakia
1970 4-0 against Italy
1994 on penalties against Italy
2002 2-0 against Germany
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France did not in 2006, it was ITALY!!!
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Brazil are the best and thats just it! They won it 5 times and plus you at da bottom liverpool have never been in da world cup and never will cus they a club team not an internatioanl team! Em wot
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I think that england have one the most time or maybe germany  thank you

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