Are There Some Regular Patterns In The Cricket World Cups That Have Been Played So Far? Have Those Patterns Been Broken?


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There has been a series of patterns in the World Cup history with the cases of a few exceptions, nevertheless the regularity of those patterns could not be ignored by sticking to those rare exceptions.

The first pattern is the superstition that no team has ever won a World Cup in its homeland. Sri Lanka has been the only exception to this rule but even then they won the final at Lahore, which was in Pakistan and not in Sri Lanka.

Another interesting legend elucidates that teams batting first in the World Cup final are at a definite advantage as 6 out of 8 times, the team batting first has clinched the trophy. The only exceptions are the 1996 and 1999 World cup finals.

Also it has been happening since the 1983 World Cup till the 1996 World Cup, that a team who has won a previous World Cup turns out to be host in the next one. It happened when India won the 1983 World Cup and hosted the 1987 World Cup. Same thing happened with Australia who won in 1987 and hosted the successive one in 1992. Once again, Pakistan won in 1992 and hosted the World Cup in 1996. It is quite a fascinating fact for cricket fans, who rely quite heavily on superstitious notions.
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In addition to the above answer, I would like to add another pattern, from 1983 to 1999, the world cup wining captains were right handers & left handers in random. I mean
1983 - Captain - Kapil Dev was a right hander
1987 - Captain - Allan Boder was a left hander
1992 - Captain - Imran Khan was a right hander
1996 - Captain - Arjuna Ranatunga was a left hander
1999 - Captain - Steve Waugh was a right hander
That pattern got broken in 2003, by ricky ponting, who was a right hander

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