Where And When Were The First Football World Cup Finals Held?


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The first world cup finals were held in ninteen thirty in the South American country of Uruguay.

Uruguay eventually won the tournament, beating fierce rivals Argentina four, two, after trailing at half time two one. The final was held, as were all of the matches in the finals, at the nations capital, Montevideo. USA eventually finished third, with Yugoslavia finishing in fourth place.

Other participants included Belguim, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Rumania.

Urugauy repeated their ninteen thirty truimph again in ninety fifty when the world cup finals were helad in Brazil. This time Uruguay defeated the host nation Brazil two one in front of nearly two hundred thousand suporters in Rio de Janeiro. The ninteen fifty tournament was also the first time England competed. England's other claim to fame for the ninety fifty tournament was an Englishmen officiated in the final match.

The ninteen fifty world cup proved to be the second and last time Urugauy would win the competition.

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