Who Are The 10 Richest Basketball Players In The World?


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It is difficult to accurately list the world's top ten richest basketball players because of invisible earnings and sponsorship money from personal ventures that they earn outside of the court. However, here is a list of the top ten most highly-paid basketball players in terms of their set salaries in the 2010 to 2011 NBA season. Hopefully, this list will provide some insight into who the world's wealthiest modern basketball players actually are.

10. Vince Carter - $17.5m: The Orlando Magic's very own Vince Carter is one of the NBA's highest earners, despite being in only his second season with the Magic.

9. Zach Randolph - $17.6m: Randolph is the Memphis Grizzilies most highly-paid player, with a salary that dwarfs that of most of his Memphis teammates.

8. Yao Ming - $17.68m: For someone who can only play a limited amount of basketball a season because of bone problems, Ming earns an astonishing amount of money. The huge 7ft 6" center was the poster boy for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and is thought to be amongst the wealthiest players in his sport.

7. Gilbert Arenas - $17.7m: Arenas is a key man for the Washington Wizards, which is reflected in his huge salary.

6. Paul Gasol - $17.8m: Gasol is only second to Kobe Bryant in terms of the LA Lakers's star players. He earns just under $18m a year in salary terms.

5. Michael Redd - $18.2m: Despite spending much of 2010 and early 2011 injured, Redd continues to rake in a huge amount of cash as a sideline figure for the Bucks.

4. Kevin Garnett - $18.3m: Garnett may be a veteran, but the Boston Celtics still have to pay an awful lot for his experienced services.

3. Tim Duncan - $18.8m: A huge jump from position No. 4, Duncan is the highest earner in the entire San Antonio Spurs squad.

2. Rashard Lewis - $19.5m: Orlando Magic's highest earner, Rashard is only second in the earnings category to NBA legend Kobe Bryant, despite some people's criticisms of his 2009-2010 season performances.

1. Kobe Bryant - $24.8m: One of the most talented and dedicated professionals of his generation, it's no surprise that Big Bryant tops the highest earners list by a considerable distance.
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Kobes income is 38 million, lebrons is 36 wades is 32, those are the top 3
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Kobe 4 rings Lebron 0 please don't compare a unborn baby to god
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Lebron is the best NBA player right now I do not think any player will be able to play in his level in a long time.
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LeBron James (NBA)
A serious business entrepreneur off the basketball court, LeBron James' salary was $12,455,000 and he raked in another $28 million in endorsements landing him at No. 3 on the list of richest athletes with a combined total of $40,455,000.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (Boxing)
This one caught me entirely by surprise. How did the Pretty Boy jump from No. 21 last year to No. 4 now? By earning $20 million in the ring and another $20,250,000 in endorsements bringing his total earnings just past the $40 million mark.
Kobe Bryant (NBA)
Right smack in the middle of this most elite list, the Los Angeles Lakers' superstar made $19,490,625 in salary this year while bringing in $16 million in endorsements for a combines income of $35,490,625.
Shaquille O'Neal (NBA)
With $20 million in salary from his new team the Phoenix Suns and another $15 million in endorsements, Shaq came up with a cool $35 million this year.
Those are just the top 4
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Lebron james is one
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Lebron james 250million net worth now
"the king"
The best player in the world...
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Nopee, kobe is by far the best in the world, lebron is a great player, kobe is better
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Lebron james is the best ever I mean kobe good and great but lebron is amazing!!!!! He make better decions and is a team player
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I don't know who has the most money but here is a top 10 list of current salaries.
1. Kevin Garnett- 24,750,000
2. Allen Iverson- 21,937,500
3. Jason Kidd- 21,372,000
4. Jermaine O'Neal- 21,352,500
5. Kobe Bryant- 21,262,500
6. Tracy McGrady- 21,126,874
7. Tim Duncan- 20,598,703
8. Shaq- 20,000,000
9. Stephon Marbury- 19,862,275
10. Steve Francis- 19,814,480

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