Who is the richest football player in the SPL?


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Wages in the Scottish Premier League differ vastly from those in the English Premier League. The richest team by far is of course Celtic, where their top earning players are thought to earn just shy of £30k per week.

Compare this with the highest earning players in England, where the highest paid player is Falcao, who is on loan at Manchester United, and is thought to earn somewhere in the region of between £265k and £340k (depending which paper you believe )- which is almost the yearly salary of a top earning Celtic player. Crazy!

A lot of stories surrounding player's wages are conjecture, nobody really knows for sure. 

In Scotland, common belief is that the highest wages are probably going to one of the following players, who are all thought to be getting between £25k and £30k per week.

Joe Ledley (Celtic)

Kris Commons (Celtic)

Scott Brown (Celtic)

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