Who Is The Richest Footballer In The World?


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According to the Sunday Times Rich List, David Beckham is currently the richest footballer in the world with an estimated fortune of $219 million. His current club is LA Galaxy, and his endorsement deal with Adidas is the biggest in the sport, because of the royalties he receives from clothes, cleats and lifestyle lines. His earnings from May 2010 to May 2011 were $40 million.

The second richest player is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a net worth of $160 million. His earnings from May 2010 - 2011 were $38 million, and his current club is Real Madrid. Ronaldo is Facebook's most popular athlete with more than 24 million fans, which makes him very popular with companies like Nike, Armani, Coca-Cola and Castrol, who give him sponsorship deals.

Third on the list is Lionel Messi with a $110 million fortune. He earned $32 million between May 2010 to May 2011, and plays for Barcelona. His status as the best player in the world has led to lucrative sponsorship deals with Adidas, Lay's, Konami, Audemars Piguet, Chery and Air Europa.

Ricardo Kaka comes fourth in the richest footballer league and is worth $100 million. He plays for Real Madrid at the moment and earned $25 million between May 2010 and May 2011. He was featured on the cover of FIFA Soccer 11, which sold 100 million units.

Ronaldinho, who plays for the Brazilian team, Flamengo has a net worth of $90 million. Between May 2010 and May 2011, he earned $24 million. He has won the title of FIFA World Player of the Year on two separate occasions.

Thierry Henry claims sixth position with $60 million; Wayne Rooney is seventh with $59 million; Zlatan Ibrahimovic is eighth with $60 million; Frank Lampard is ninth with $43 million and Samuel Eto'o is in tenth position with $40 million.
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Football is the most popular game all around the world. Every season hundreds of thousands of people go ahead to watch football matches at different places. This has given the players immense popularity which they are cashing in.

David Beckham is considered to be the world's richest Football player. He has been playing for the National football team of England member and he is  currently playing for Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major League Soccer.

He is the highest paid player of Los Angeles Galaxy. His earnings are much more in excess as he earns a lot from other activities such as modeling etc. His deal with LA Galaxy only gives him 128 million pounds an year.

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Tiger wood
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David Beckham is the richest footballer in the world. He is an English football player and belongs to England Football team. He added 25 million pounds to 112 million pounds in his wealth in 2007. He is ranked on 619 number in the world. Most of the people considers that Ronaldiniho is the richest. According to top 10 richest footballers in the world in 2007, David Beckham is on the top. He is getting 10 million pounds more than Ronaldiniho. Today, Ronaldinho, David Beckham are in tough competition to get first position!

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The worlds richest footballer is considered to be the Brazilian national Ronaldinho. He is the highest paid footballer in the world and is playing for Barcelona as a forward. He was termed FIFA player of the year. His annual revenue is around 23 Million euros which includes salary, bonuses, sponsorship deals etc.
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David Beckham is the richest player in England from Real Madrid The richest football player in the world is not only from
his earnings on the field but also from commercial ventures from
advertising and has signed a five year deal with LA Galaxy worth 128
million pounds.
He is the in the world richest players also.Warren Buffet is considered as the richest world sportsman now..

. David Beckham, LA Galaxy (24.4 million pounds)
2. Ronaldinho, Barcelona (16.3 million pounds)
3. Thierry Henry, Barcelona (12.5 million pounds)
4. Ronaldo, AC Milan (10.6 million pounds)
5. Cristiano Ronaldo, Man United (9.2 million pounds)
6. Kaka, AC Milan (8.8 million pounds)
7. Fabio Cannavaro, Real Madrid (8.7 million pounds)
8. Andriy Shevchenko, Chelsea (8.7 million pounds)
9. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool (8.5 million pounds)
10. John Terry, Chelsea(8.5 million pounds)
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David Beckham is by far the richest footballer in the world.  He makes so much money off of endorsements and advertisements.  I think he actually owns his own socks now.  It's quite incredible to see him so far ahead of every other player.
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David Beckham is the richest football player in the world with £87m in his account twice than the Michael Owen which is second in the list with £32m.
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Tiger woods if  you include endorsements if not then A-rod in baseball. I just read this one
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I'm guessing with his new deal David Beckham is now the richest footballer. As for sports personality in general it's Tiger Woods.
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David Beckham is the richest footballer in the world and Lewis Hamilton is the richest sportsman as he has £1billion through F1 racing.
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Robbie Fowler has invested his astronomic football wages in businesses including one of the largest property portfolios in northern England and I think he is the richest footballer going on net worth
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The richest footballer is c. Ronaldo,,,, while the richest sportsman in d world is tiger woods
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If it is football.It's nobody else but David Beckham.and sport in general .It's Tiger Wood
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In fact lıonel messı ıs the most valuabale player but to your questıon ı don't no ıts defınıtley not beckham
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I think its David Beckenham judging by the football clubs he went to
and how hes been advertising his products I think its him.
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The richest footballer in recent past was Zedan but after his retirement David Bekham is the richest footballer in the world. And he takes the highest fees from his club.
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David Beckham is the best paid footballer currently. Forbes has a good list of the best paid footballers

However I believe your question states "who is the richest" is and this must be their current net worth which I don't know!
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It is the young Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs,Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerad and all united players.   UNITED THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER .

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According to the The Times (UK) Rich Lists, Roman Abramovich is the richest footballer with £10,800 million. He currently plays for Chelsea Football Club.

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