Who Are The First Ten Richest Footballers In The World?


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According to a piece of research done by Forbes magazine in 2011, the world's highest paid football players go as follows:
· Number 1 is, quite predictably, David Beckham. He is said to be worth at net value £135 million or $219 million, according to findings from a recent Sunday Times 'Rich List'. Within one year, just last year he managed to earn $40 million. He manages to bring it a lot of his money from an endorsement deal with Adidas, which is bigger than any endorsement in sports. This is due to royalties from clothing Beckham sports.
· Number 2 is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is known as one of the most popular football players, with his Facebook page bringing in more fans than any other football player.
· Number 3 is Lionel Messi. Also known as the flea, has been pulling in endorsement deals from everywhere, including Adidas and Lay's.
· Number 4 is Ricardo Kaka. After hitting the cover of EA Sports FIFA Soccer 2011 game, he has shot to more fame with his football.
· Number 5 is Ronaldinho. He is now playing for Flamengo until his deal runs out in 2014.
· Number 6 is Thierry Henry. Now playing for New York Red Bulls and living in New York in a $14.9 million apartment, Thierry Henry did incredibly well by his Gilette partnership last year. Without it, he may not have been able to afford the apartment in such a wonderful city.
· Number 7 is Wayne Rooney. Married to Colleen Rooney, Wayne is one of the most commercial and popular footballers in the tabloids.
· Number 8 is tied between Frank Lampard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
· Number 10 is Samuel Eto'o. Being sponsored by both Puma and Ford is bringing him in a great deal of money, with him earning around $15 million last year.
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