How Have The Rules Of Rugby Changed Through Out History?


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Changes to the game of rugby have happened during the course of it's history at various stages, with changes to the rules and laws of the game still going on today.

Some of these changes that have happened include:

- number of players reduced from 20 to 15 (a side) in 1877
- no points used to be scored for a try, but rather when the ball was kicked over the posts. The first points scoring system was made in 1889.
- in terms of points for tries, they have changed over time going from:
- until 1889, a try was 1 point and a conversion 2
- next 2 years, a try was 2 points and a conversion 3
- 1893, 3 points for a try, 2 for a conversion
- 1971, 4 points for a try, 2 for a conversion
- 1992, 5 points for a try, 2 for a conversion
- penalties became 3 points in 1891 (they were worth 2 points before that).
- drop goals were worth 4 points from 1891 to 1948 (have been worth 3 points at all other times)
- rugby used to be played with a round ball until 1892 when the RFU made the oval ball compulsary. Since then, the ball has gotten more and more "flatter".

Hope that helps!
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The rules have changed to make the game faster and more attractive for us the spectator. As the players get bigger, stronger and faster so the game has to change.

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