Who Is The Richest African Football Player?


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Yaya Toure is the richest African football player today, and according to 2011 figures, he is currently earning $13.5 million playing for Manchester City.

Gnegneri Yaya Toure was born on the 13th May in 1983, and is more commonly known by the name Yaya Toure. He is an Ivorian (he comes from the Ivory Coast) footballer, who today, plays as a box-to-box midfielder (or a second striker) for the Premier League Club Manchester Side, as well as the Cote d'lvoire national side. He is also known for playing with the name Toure Yaya on his football jersey.

The player is very much sought-after and is incredibly well known for being able to combine his physical power, his speed and his technique to create a truly unique and effective method of playing. He is popular, too, for having had 55 caps for Cote d'lvoire, and has represented the team in the first appearance in the FIFA World Cup, in both the 2006 World Cup competition as well as the 2010 competition.

He currently shares a profession with his brother, as he is the younger brother of Manchester City and Cote d'lvoire teammate, Kolo Toure. He also has another brother who plays football, Ibrahim, who plays for the Makasa team.

In 1996, Toure joined the ASEC Mimosas youth academy based on a recommendation of his once mentor Patrick van Reijendam, who noticed that Toure had a particular talent in the sport. It was after this that the world renowned player moved away to Europe, playing for Belhian side Beveran for nearly three years before moving onto several other European clubs including Barcelona and eventually signing for Manchester City in 2010.

For more information on this world renowned player you can visit his Wikipedia page to read a full biographical article.

• According to 'Rich List' compilers Forbes the title of richest African football player goes to Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o. The Inter Milan striker has purportedly amassed a fortune of $40 million, including the $15m he earned in 2010. He has sponsorship deals with, amongst others, Puma and Ford.

• He has enjoyed incredible financial rewards for his footballing achievements during his 14 year career, playing for some of Europe's biggest clubs. He is the most decorated African footballer of all time receiving the African Player of the Year award a record four times, three of which were in successive years from 2003. Eto'o has played 105 times for his country scoring 51 goals.

• Eto'o has won major honors in both Spain and Italy adding to his value and his reputation as one of the world's top strikers.  However, he made an unremarkable start to his footballing career at Real Madrid in 1997, where he scored 4 goals in just 30 appearances.

• In 2000 he made a loan move to Mallorca permanent in a club record $7.2m deal, winning the Copa del Rey in 2003. In all he made 152 appearances for the team scoring 60 times.

• In 2004 he moved to Barcelona for $34.5m where he enjoyed massive success. Eto'o helped secure 8 trophies in his time at the club including the 2009 Treble of La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League. His phenomenal strike rate saw him net 130 times in 200 appearances for the Catalan giants.

• The summer of 2009 saw the Cameroonian's goal-scoring prowess take him to Italian champions Inter Milan, where his exploits in front of goal have continued. Amazingly his goals helped him match his treble-winning achievement of the previous year, the only player in history to manage this feat.
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Jay-Jay Okocha is the most richest and famous footballer in Africa since 1994. His name is also included in the top 125 best football players.
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Didier drogba  Is The Richest African Football Player
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David Beck ham is the world richest player
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Jay Jay Okocha is the richest African player. He is from Nigeria and is known as most skillful player of his time.

He made his debut for Nigeria in 1994 FIFA World Cup. Although he is termed as the best player from Africa, he never actually won the African player of the year award. He has done numerous advertisements for big brands, plays for leagues, teaches children and also owns and manages a bar in Lagos.

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Didier Drogba I mean the astonishing chelsea striker
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The richest African football player at the end of 2010 was Didier Drogba. He comes from Ivory coast and he earns £120,000 a week, or about $200,000. This makes him the tenth richest player in the world - the richest is still David Beckham.
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Jay-Jay Okocha is the richest African footballer player and he was named in the list of the 125 greatest living footballers of all times. He is actually a Nigerian national and he made his debut in football in May of the year 1993. He plays as a midfielder and he has been associated with clubs like PSG, Bolton, Frankfurt, Hull City, and Fenerbahce over the period of years.
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By far the richest footballer from Africa is Dider Drogba,who also plays for Chelsea.Chelsea have the privelidge of  having a VERY WEALTHY owner,and as such can pay as much as is necesary to have the best players.Dider earns a reported 98,000 GBP per week.although this is probably only a basic salary,apperance/goals scored/winning a trophy etc. Will be added to a bonus that is on top of the said amount.
Hope this helps but don't forget this is all confidential so you can only go on information you find.
Greetings from scotland

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