Who is the richest psl football player in south africa?


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The National Soccer League of Africa features some highly-paid athletes who earn far beyond the income most ordinary South Africans enjoy. This soccer league is also known as the PSL (the Premier Soccer League), and one of its richest players is undoubtedly Mark Haskins, who is a famed midfielder. In fact, this South African player refused an offer to play for the American soccer team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, so he could stay in the PSL and earn more money through his contract with the National Soccer League of Africa.

  • Why do they get such riches?

It's always amazing how much money the world's most famed athletes get for their superstar status. Whether the athlete is PSL's Mark Haskins or England's David Beckham, these sports pros are lavished with money, endorsements, and all manner of perks and press. But why? The answer is, because they're worth it - they bring in the fans, they fill the seats, and they sell countless jerseys and other merchandise, because they are so far above average.

  • The market determines salary

Like movie actors, athletes get what the market will bear. If they are being paid an absolute fortune, you can be very certain that they're making a heck of a lot more money for someone else. In rare cases, athletes may not "earn their keep"; however, star athletes will always add status and cachet to a sports team, so they are generally a great investment.

Sports superstars are a potent mixture of innate, natural talent, excellent genetics (body build, lung capacity, etc.), and drive and determination. This combination of traits makes athletes into heroes, and people love to live vicariously through the daring deeds of the world's greatest soccer (football) players and other supreme athletes. These athletes bring the magic that people want to experience at a match.

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