What Is C In Netball?


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The abbreviation C stands for the position of Centre in netball. The Centre position is the most active position in the game. The centre moves within all three thirds of the netball court but can not go in the goal areas. The centre player also determines whether their team goes first in each match. The referee either drops or throws the ball in between the opposing Centre players, and the first to have their hands in the ball goes first.

The Centre position begins the game with at least one foot in the small circle in the centre of the court. The centre pass alternates between the two teams when a match has started. The aim of the Centre position is to transfer the ball from the defence end to the attacking end during play. The player needs to be very fast and agile to be able to move around the whole court. The Centre is often the captain of the team, though this is not compulsory.
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Center... It can go anywhere in the thirds but it can't go into the semi-circle and shoot.
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C stands for center they stand in the circle in the center of the court thus the name center

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