What Is WD In Netball?


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WD stands for Wing Defence and is essentially the opposite of the Wing Attack position. The player starts behind their Centre position, on the right hand side of the line (behind the Centre's right shoulder).

The Wing Defence has two aims at the start of any game. The first is to prevent the opposing Wing attack player from getting free to receive the centre pass at the start of the game. The other is to try and assist their own Centre player to have their centre pass received in the middle third and get it passed forward to the home goal area.

The Wing Defence is also on standby for when the defence positions intercept a ball from the shooter. The Wing Defence player must be available to receive the ball and pass it quickly towards the home goal area. They must also guard the Wing Attack player closely to try and prevent the ball from entering the opposition's goal area.
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WD stands for wing defence.When you are in that position you are only allowed n 2 thirds of the net ball court. Your also allowed to shoot.
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Can C shoot in netball

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