What Are GS And GK In Netball?


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The abbreviation GS stands for Goal Shooter in netball. The Goal Shooter is an important and restricted position, which can move within the home goal third of the netball court only. The GS has the responsibility of scoring the goals for the team, and will be the most accurate at shooting the net. Neither the Goal Shooter nor the Goal Keeper has an active role at the start of the game, due to their restricted movements.

The GK abbreviation on the bib stands for Goal Keeper, and this position is again restricted, but to the defence third of the netball court. The Goal keeper guards the Goal Shooter, attempting to intercept the ball from reaching the Shooter. The Goal Keeper also marks the Goal Shooter when they are aiming, and try to intercept the ball when travelling to the net, passing it out to the defence players to get the ball moving towards their own goal area.
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A GS and GA is a shooter in a netball game GS is partners with GK so GS has to stay in the semi circle and out of it but not pass the line and GA is a shooter to help GS GA is allowed to go into their shooting circle and not in the other teams ball and it could be hard work to be GA I play GS and GA in a netball team so thats how I know.
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GS-goal shooter
GK-goal keeper

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