What Are The Hand Signals Used By The Umpire In Netball?


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Hand signals used to clarify decisions (Rule 3.1 Umpire: Clause 3.1.6(xi)
Guidelines for appropriate signals are given for some of the Rules as follows:
Stepping - hands moving up and down
Obstruction - hands apart in front of body
Short Pass - hands close together in front of the body
Personal Contact - open hand slaps the other arm
Held Ball - any 3 fingers held up
Direction of Pass - arm pointed in the direction of play
Toss-Up - palm of hand moved vertically upwards
Hold time - make a T with the fingers of one hand against
the palm of the other
Offside - semi-circular action of one arm
Over a Third - semi-circular action of one arm
Breaking into the
Centre Third - semi-circular action of one arm
Goal Scored - arm raised high as whistle is blown
Advantage - high wave of arm held momentarily indicating
the direction of play.

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