What Is WA In Netball?


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I am in Singapore , on a netball team in a secondary school and I play the GA , so this may or may not help you . I thought I'd help as much as I can .
Being the WA , you are the link between the attacking and the borderline of defending . Basically , your job is to carry the ball down to the shooters so they can score . When any of your teammates have got the ball , look for free space and run away from your defender . Try to shake her off . However , if the other team has got the ball , stick close to your defender so you can ward the ball off from them or grab the ball (defenders are mostly the ones who steal the ball when shooters miss) . Always look out for a teammate who is not blocked . However , you only have 3 seconds to do so , so be quick . Also , the way your defender defends is important . Most defenders would wave their arms high up in the air , or so I have observed . If they do so , do a low pass , an underarm to someone nearby , or a bounce , to someone further away .
These are the essentials to becoming a good WA , you may want to consult your coach for further tips - I've only been playing for a year and a half . Good luck !
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The abbreviation WA stands for the Wing Attack position in netball. The Wing Attack player can move in the centre and home goal thirds of the court only, and can not enter the goal area itself. To start the game, the Wing attack player faces the Centre position, on the left hand side of the court (to the Centre's right).

The main aim of the Wing Attack player is to keep the ball within the home goal area. They also have a predominant role at the start of any game. The initial starting or centre pass must reach another player within the central third of the court, and so the Wing Attack player must try and make themselves available to receive this initial pass.

They are also needed to make themselves available for the ball to be passed out and back into the goal area, and to also retrieve the ball when the opposition's defence has deflected the ball from the goal area.
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WA Centre and attacking thirds, but not the shooting circle

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