How Is Netball Played?


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Netball is played in four quarter. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes and there are three minute intervals in between the first and second and third and fourth quarters. There is a five minute half time interval between the second and third quarters. During this time any injured players can be replaced or substitutes brought on. the teams change sides at half time also. The game starts with a centre pass made from the Centre player who must have one foot in the centre circle. The centre pass much reach a team member in the centre third. Outside of this third will be considered to be a foul and the ball will pass to the other team.
All players are restricted to certain areas of the court by their position. Stepping outside of this is considered offside. Other fouls include taking more than one step when holding the ball. The ball moves forward by being thrown to a team mate. The ball can only be held for up to three seconds also, and can not be re-thrown to themselves. Therefore, another player must receive the ball before any player can retrieve it. Defending has space restrictions also. If an opponent makes contact when defending then they must stand next to their opponent, remaining out of play until the ball has been passed.
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The basic rules in netball are:
Footwork: When you have the ball, you can't move with it. You can pivot on one foot, but you can't walk or run. The foot that you land on (e.g from a jump) is the foot that has to stay still.
Contact: Netball is a non-contact game, so players can't push, hit, drag, kick, knock, crash into or make contact in any way with other players, if it interferes with the play.
Obstruction: Players must be at least 3ft away from the player with the ball.
Off-side: Players have areas in which they can go and where they can't. If a player leaves one of these areas and it affects the game they're offside.
Replaying: Players can't bounce or bat the ball more than once to gain control.
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With 7 players throwing the ball to each other down the court to pass to the shooters to get goals and make sure the other team doesnt get it
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1 You can't Run With The Ball

2 You can't Throw Over A Third

3 No Contact

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