How Many Players Have Scored Five Goals In A Single Premier League Match?


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To date only two players have managed to score five times in a single premier league game.

Those two players are former Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Portsmouth, Manchester City and Newcastle United centre forward Andrew Cole, and former Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United centre forward Alan Shearer.

Andrew Cole scored five goals on March fourth nineteen ninety five for Manchester United in their nine, zero thrashing of East Anglian side Ipswich Town at Old Trafford.

Alan Shearer helped himself to five goals when Newcastle United hammered Sheffield Wednesday eight nil at St James Park on September nineteenth nineteen ninety nine.

To illusatrate just how rare it is for a plyer to score five golas in a game, prior to Cole's five goal haul, no player had scored five in a game for well over decade. Oddly enough though, the last time five goals were scored in a game, two players did it on the same day!

Ian Rush and Tony Woodcock both scored five for Liverpool and Arsenal respectively in nineteen eighty three.
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Wouldnt that make it four if Ian Rush, Tony Woodcock, Andrew Cole, and Alan Shearer scored five in one game?

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