Which Person Has One The Most English League Championship Medals?


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This has now been surpassed by Ryan Giggs, as of 2008/09 season he had won 10 League titles, all as a player.
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Up to the two thousand and five, two thousand and six season, the most number of English league championships is nine.

That record is held by former Liverpool player and manager Kenny Dalglish. Dalglish won five of his league championship medals whilst a player and then a further four whilst he was player manager of the Anfield giants.

Kenny's first league title came in nineteen seventy nine, and another soon followed the season after. Dalglish was an integral part of the Liverpool side that won three league tittles on the spin in eighty two, eighty three and eighty four. He then went on to win the league title as player manager in his first season, also winning the FA cup to complete the double, that was in nineteen eighty six.

League titles followed in eighty eight, and again in nineteen ninety. Dalglish's ninth league championship medal came whilst he was manager of Lancashire side Blackburn Rovers.

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