Which Player Has Played The Most Consecutive Premier League Games?


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Megha Kapoor answered
Phil Neal played most Consecutive Premier League Games 417 from 23.10.1976 to 24.09.1983 .
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Matt Cashen answered
To date, the player that has made the most consecutive premier league appearances is Chelsea and England player, Frank Lampard.

Between October two thousand and one and December two thousand and five, Frank Lampard played in one hundred and sixty four consecutive games for Chelsea.

Lampard has been an intergral part of Chelsea's back to back premier league winning side, which won the Premiership in the two thousand and four five season for the first time in the clubs history, and retained the premier league title the following season.

Although the triumph's in the premier league were the club's first, the club had previously won the league championship in the nineteen sixties.

Since leaving West Ham United to join Chelsea, Frank Lampard has become a vital component in not only the Chelsea first team but also in England's. Lampard's goal scoring record from midfield is comparable with any of the world's top midifelders.

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