Who Was The First Footballer To Be Knighted?


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Back in 1965, the first footballer to be knighted was the most legendary player of contemporary times, Sir Stanley Matthews.

He gained his reputation in the history of football association with his strong dribbling technique. He began his professional career with the Stoke City team in 1932. His perfect passing, strong dribbling technique, and noted sportsmanship, earned him nicknames like, 'The Wizard of the Dribble', 'The Magician' and "First Gentleman of Soccer."

He is England's oldest player in the top football division and has a stunning professional career of 34 years. His first autobiography, 'The Stanley Matthews Story', was published in 1960. The game that came to be known as 'The Matthews Final' and one of his famous game too, was the 1953, Football Association Cup Final.
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Matthews, Stanley English footballer who played for Stoke City, Blackpool, and England. He played nearly 700 Football League games, and won 54 international caps. He was the first Footballer of the Year in 1948 (and again in 1963), the first European Footballer of the Year in 1956, and the first footballer to be knighted for services to the game in 1965.

Career highlights

International appearances (1934–57)
54 (11 goals)

English FA Cup


Footballer of the Year
1948, 1963

European Footballer of the Year

An outstanding right-winger, he had the nickname ‘the Wizard of the Dribble’ because of his ball control. At the age of 38 he won an FA Cup Winners' medal when Blackpool beat Bolton Wanderers 4–3, Matthews laying on three goals in the last 20 minutes. He continued to play first-division football after the age of 50.
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Sir stanley matthews
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Stanley mathews
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Lloyd Harris

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