How Many Player Managers Have Appeared In FA Cup Finals?


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Three player managers have appeared in FA cup finals to date, with only one of the three collecting a winners medal.

The first player manager to appear in an FA cup final was the then Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish. Dalglish played himself for the Reds' three one win over near neighbours Everton. Dalglish is also the only ever player manager to win the league and FA cup double, which he achieved in the nineteen eighty five, six season, his first as Liverpool manager.

The next player manager to appear in an FA cup final was the then player manager of Chelsea, Glenn Hoddle, who's Chelsea side lost out at the hands of Manchester United.

Also part of that losing Chelsea side, and again he turned out to be a loser against Manchester United, was the third and final player manager to appear in an FA cup final, Dennis Wise, who was manager of Millwall when his side lost out in two thousand and four.
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John Cameron was the first player-manager to appear in the final, with Tottenham Hotspur in 1901. Only he and Kenny Dalglish (1986) led their teams to victory as player-managers.

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