Who Is The Highest Goal Scorer In The Soccer World Cup?


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The player with the most amount of goals in one single World Cup tournament is Just Fontaine of France. He scored a whopping 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup hosted by Sweden.

The player to score the most goals over several World Cup tournaments is the Brazilian forward Ronaldo with 15 goals.

Most goals scored at World Cup tournaments The player to score the most goals in all his appearances at the World Cup is Ronaldo (or Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima) who found the back of the net 15 times during his appearances in the following World Cup Tournaments:
  • France 1998 (scoring four goals, and completing three assists. Brazil lost in the finals against host nation France.)
  • South Korea and Japan 2002 (scored eight goals, won the 'golden shoe' award, and helped Brazil lift their fifth World Cup trophy).
  • Germany 2006 (scored three goals, although he was criticized for his lack of fitness. Brazil were knocked out at the quarter final stage).
Highest goal scorer at the World Cup Just Fontaine is the highest scorer in any single World Cup tournament. He accomplished this feat by scoring 13 goals in the 1958 tournament, including putting 4 goals past the reigning world champions West Germany.
Although he was born in Marrakesh, Morroco, Fontaine chose to represent the French national team (colloquially known as Les Bleus). To this day, Fontaine is widely regarded as one of the best players in French footballing history.
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The highest world cup scorer in one world cup is Just Fontaine from France.
He scored 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup.
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It's Ronaldo of Brazil now with 15 goals. earlier it was Gerd Muller with 14 goals of Germany.
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It is Brazil's Ronaldo with 15 world cup goals.
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It's now uchyman dunga from nigeria he score 33 goal in the world cup he is the highest with 33 goal
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Gerd Muller of Germany is rated as the highest goal scorer in the soccer world cup. The West German footballer held national records of 68 goals from 62 international appearances, and he was possibly the most successful striker ever. He was popularly known as Gerd "Der Bomber" Müller.

He ended his career in a blaze of glory scoring the winning goal giving West Germany its 2-1 victory over Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup final. The game was pure magic for German supporters and football fans alike. Muller scored a total of 14 goals in the two World Cup tournaments he played, which were in 1970 and 1974. He scored 10 of the 14 goals in the 1970 World Cup and 4 in 1974.

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