How Many Players Have Scored Hat Tricks In Major Finals Held At Wembley?


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To date, only three men have managed to score a hat trick in a major final held at Wembley.

The first came in nineteen fifty three in the FA cup final, held between Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers. Stan Mortensen scored three times in the all Lancashire affair for Blackpool.

The second Wembley final hat trick is perhaps one of the most famous hat tricks of all time. Geoff Hurst's three goal haul against West Germany in the final of the nineteen sixty six world cup final, is still the only hat trick to have been scored in a world cup final. The hat trick helped justify Sir Alf Ramsey's team selection.

The last hat trick to be scored at Wembley in a major cup final came in the nineteen eighty five full members cup final, when Chelsea player David Speedie grabbed a three goal haul against Manchester City.

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