Who Has Appeared In The Most FA Cup Finals?


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Arsenal and Manchester United have appeared in the most FA cup finals, with both having appeared in seventeen finals each. United have been fractionally more successful in the finals they have appeared in, winning eleven out of seventeen, against Arsenals' ten victories.

Next come Liverpool and Newcastle United having both appeared in thirteen cup finals each, with Liverpool being the marginally more successful having won the trophy seven times to Newcastle's six.

Next come Everton, who have appeared in twelve finals, winning five of those. Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion have appeared in ten each, making them the sixth most successful team in terms of appearances, the former winning seven times, with West Brom winning the trophy on five occasions.

Tottenham Hotspur come in next having appeared in nine finals, having won the trophy an impressive eight times, giving them an excellent record in the FA cup final.

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