Which British Football Team Were The First To Win The European Cup?


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Glasgow Celtic became the first British team to win the European cup when they beat Inter Milan 2-1 at the Estadio Nacional in Lisbon in 1967. At that time no British team had yet managed to make it to the final of the competition and, with Inter Milan having taken the trophy twice in the previous three years, Celtic were regarded as the underdogs. Going 0-1 down thanks to a penalty in the first few minutes of the match, Celtic were able to overcome this initial disadvantage over the course of the rest of the match, thanks to their fluent attacking play.

Under the managership of Jock Stein, and with Billy McNeill as team captain, Celtic won every competition they entered that year - including the Scottish cup, the Scottish League, the Scottish League cup, the Glasgow cup, and the European Cup.

As a result, the Celtic players from that season became known as the Lisbon Lions, and became legendary figures to their fans. Wherever they went from that time onwards, they were feted by Celtic supporters - and this adoration lasted for the rest of their lives.

However, although Celtic reached the European Cup final again in 1970, they were defeated by Dutch side Feyenoord, and the club have never again been able to emulate the feat they achieved in 1967.

British European Cup/Champions League winners.

1967: Celtic

1968: Manchester United

1977: Liverpool

1978: Liverpool

1979: Nottingham Forest

1980: Nottingham Forest

1981: Liverpool

1982: Aston Villa

1984: Liverpool

1999: Manchester United

2005: Liverpool

2008: Manchester United

2012: Chelsea

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The first british team to win the european cup was celtic in 1967.
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Glasgow celtic
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Celtic from scotland

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