How Many Premiership Football Teams Have Won The FA Cup Three Times In A Row?


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Two clubs have won the FA cup three times in a row they are Wanderers (1876, 1877, 1888) and Blackburn Rovers (1884, 1885, 1886). The Football Associations Challenge Cup better known as the FA Cup, basically is a knockout cup contest played in the English Football, it is run and named after The Football Association.

The FA Cup is said to be the oldest football contest in the world, it was first played in the 1871-1872 season. It involves clubs of all standards competing against each other, and chances of an upset win are quiet high, with clubs from lower division eliminating the top clubs from the competition.

A record breaking six hundred and eighty seven teams have been allowed in FA cup for the 2006-2007 competition. The last FA Cup was won by Liverpool F.C.
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Two, Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers. Tottenham Hotspur have won it two times in a row.

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