How Many Times Have Crystal Palace Been Relegated From The Premiership?


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Crystal Palace have been relegated from the English Premiership on four separate occasions, having also had the dubious honour of begin amongst the first three sides to ever be demoted from the Premiership in it's first season, the nineteen ninety two, three season. Along with Palace the other unfortunate sides were Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest.

They were also relegated in the nineteen ninety four, ninety five season, alongside Norwich City, Leicester City and Ipswich Town, in the one and only season to date where four clubs were relegated from England's top division.

They were relegated again in the nineteen ninety seven, ninety eight season with Bolton Wanderers and Barnsley.

They were not promoted again to the Premiership from the old first division, until the two thousand and three, two thousand four season, sadly they faired poorly once again in the Premier league, suffering relegation after only one season, with arguably their best result of their campaign coming in a one nil defeat of Liverpool at Selhurst park.

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