What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Footballer?


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Most football scouts will tell you that like most professional sports, a professional footballer is about ten percent talent and about ninety percent commitment to his profession.

If you have a desire to become a professional footballer, from an early age you need to be following a certain lifestyle and practising. Whilst playing organised football from a young age can be beneficial, it is by no means a necessity. Far more important is the development of a sound first touch, accurate pass and understanding of the game.

One of the hardest obstacles the aspiring footballer has to overcome is the temptation of youth. It is proven that nearly all of young teenagers attached to an academy or centre of excellence will no longer even play football by the time they reach their twenties. This is because many young teenagers discover an alternative to playing football and lose interest.

So if you want to become a pro footballer the most important thing you will need is dedication.
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Play for a sunday league team . Scouts always come to some of your matches . Try and attend trials for pro teams . If you Think your very good then just have a go . But its not easy playing for a youth team . I'm Only 14 and I play for brentford . And those are the steps I did .
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You need skill, pace, strength. Play for a Sunday league team because scouts come and watch.

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The only qualification you need is skill,determination and above all a hunger too constantly improve your game and get better.

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