Which Is The Best Football Stadium In The World And To Which Team Does It Belong To ?


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The best football stadiums in the worldWhilst not everyone may agree with my choices, I've come up with three epic stadiums that I think deserve to make it on to any 'best football stadium' list.

1) Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico Apart from the pretty awesome name and the massive 104,000 capacity, Estadio Azteca makes it onto the list for being a truly memorable venue. It is the football stadium where all three of these epic events took place:
  • Game of the Century- The Italy vs Germany 1970 world cup semi-final that Italy won 4-3. Five goals were scored in extra time, a record that hasn't been broken!
  • Goal of the Century- Diego Maradona's goal against England in 1986 where he practically dribbled the whole England team.
  • Hand of God- Another Diego Maradona goal where he used his hand to beat the goalkeeper.
2) Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain The Camp Nou makes the list because it is home to the most electrifying football spectacle of modern times. The 98,000 seater stadium is well known for its intense atmosphere, and the home team (Barcelona FC) is widely regarded as the best club football team to have ever existed.

3) Rungrado May Day, Pyongyang, North Korea
The Rungrado May Day stadium is located in the very secretive state of North Korea. It is currently the largest football stadium in the world, able to host 150,000 people and, for this reason, couldn't be left off the list.

Working out which football stadium is the best is fairly difficult. For starters, most football fans' views may be biased towards their favourite team. Secondly, it is difficult to quantify exactly what makes one stadium better than an other.

What makes a great football stadium? To find the best football stadium in the world, we could do a lot worse than starting with a quick examination of what exactly makes a football stadium great. All of the following are things that football fans may value in a stadium:
  • Atmosphere
  • Facilities
  • History
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Celtic Park aka 'Paradise' has the greatest atmoshere in Europe!....ask Seedorf, Kaka, Rooney and Del Piero!...sure if you asked Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta too they would also agree. On last visiting Camp Nou, the Barcelona fans commented on their wish to have supporters as noisy and passionate as Celtic fans!!!
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The new Wembley is the best stadium in the world. It belongs to England. The FA Cup final 2006-07 will be played on this ground.
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Celtic have by far the best atmosphere in the world. Anyone who has been to a game on a european night will tell you that.
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St.James Park,home of Newcastle United.One of a select few stadiums in a city centre,with fantastic views of city and surrounding area.Fantastic atmosphere with almost always a full house of 52.000 passionate supporters.
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Old Trafford - Manchester United!
To be honest, I'm saying that because I'm a ManUtd fan but Old Trafford is a really nice stadium and there's a museum there where you can look at the history of the stadium and the football team.
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In my Opinion it's CAMP NOU  Being the biggest european ground in terms of Capacity...  Atmosphere there is alwayz electrifying...  Even theatre of dreams,i.e, OLD TRAFFORD is also one of d best stadium~!~
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The best football staduim in the world is Anfield, the home of Liverpool football club.

Although not the best in terms of facilites and design, the ground has a unique atmosphere and with out question has one the most knowledgable crowds in world soccer.

Although still a good place to visit during the league season, the ground really comes alive on European club football nights. I would recommend visiting the ground on a european night to anyone, the atmosphere is truly spectacular.

Liverpool's european tradiiton means that Anfiueld has held it's fair share of European club football and some of the finest players ever to have played the game have adorned the Anfiled turf.

Players of significant note to have played at Anfield include a young Johan Cruyff who inspired a famous Ajax Amsterdam win in the mid sixties;

Anfield is also home to the most famous stand in world football, the Spion Kop.

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