What Does The Term 'First Down' In Football Mean?


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First down is a term which is used in both American and Canadian Football.
It refers to the first chance (out of 4 attempts) that a side on the offensive has to move forward 10 yards down the field.
If the team manages to progress 10 yards with the ball, the amount of 'downs' is reset. 

What is a down in football? During a match, you'll often see the word 'down' accompanied by another number as in "2nd down and 4". In this example, it would mean that the offensive team attempted to run the 10 yards required to reset their 'downs count' but their progress was halted after 6 yards. They therefore found themselves on the 2nd attempt (or down) with 4 years left to run.
A team is afforded 4 downs before they are required to forfeit possession of the ball.

What is a first down? Each possession begins with a 'first down' situation. The first down line is marked 10 yards downfield from the start of this possession, and the situation is described as "1st and 10".
If the offensive team moves the ball past the first down line, they make a new first down.

Football strategy The strategies employed during a football game depend heavily on what 'down' an offensive team finds themselves in. For example, during the first two downs, a team may feel able to try riskier offensive strategies, knowing that if they don't pay off- there are still two downs left before they'd loose possession.
If a team found itself in a 'third down' situation, they'd feel compelled to reach the line marker that would reset their downs and would be unlikely to try a risky offensive strategy.

A fourth down situation is always interesting in football because it can be played one of two ways. Often, on a fourth down, the offensive team may consider it safer to 'punt' the ball up-field so that the opposing team takes possession of the ball as far from the goal line as possible. Alternatively, an offensive fourth down play could risk trying to reach the first down line, although if they are intercepted before crossing it the ball most be forfeited at that place in the field.

If all this sounds a little bewildering, why not check out this video:
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The team that has possession of the football is allowed four tries ( by running or passing the football ) to move the ball 10 yards or more each time this is accomplished the offensive team will be allowed four new tries or downs that are refered to as 1st. , 2nd. , 3rd. , and 4th. down.
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In American and Canadian football, it means first out of 4 chances to get another first down. It is ten yards to get the next first down. Usually, teams give up and punt on fourth down. You will get the chance to run or pass the ball with defenders on you or tackling you when you have to go the ten yards. Say I tackled you on first down and you ran two yards. Then it would be 2nd down and 8.

The other team will defend you from getting a touchdown. When you are less than 10 yards away from a touchdown, it will say first and goal. If you can kick a field goal through the goal post, then you can kick a field goal on fourth down. You can get 3 points if you kick it through. A touchdown is 6 points, plus an extra point witch is a twenty yard field goal. It is easy to get the extra point. If the defenders get a penalty on first down, it is first down and 5. Sorry if my answer was too long. Hope this helps!
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In football that is played in the countries of the United States and Canada, a down is that period in which a play takes place.

A down starts with a snap, a kick off or a free kick, and terminates when the ball or the player who has the ball is announced down by a referee or another official person, or if a team makes a score, or the ball or the player with the ball departs from the field of play.

Every possession starts with first down. The first down line is denoted ten yards downfield form the beginning of this possession, and the condition is called as '1st and 10'. If the offending squad shifts the balls past the first down line, they create a new first down.
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Its when A team gains over 10 yards or more in 4 downs and gets a new set of downs. Then they get 4 more chances to get certain amount of yards etc. In till they can score a touchdown 6 pointspce

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