Football Originated In Which Country?


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Football's modern origins began in England more than 100 years ago. It has to be noted, it is the most popular sport in the world. I'm personally a big football fan. Currently, I'm looking forward to watching the Serie A league which will start on August 21st. I have already installed the Paramount+ app on Firestick, so I'm ready :) By the way, if someone is looking for a way to watch the games, here is a list of the proper services Hopefully, it will be useful for someone.

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Yo I started playing football in 1800 and I'm 209 years old now and still love cartoons
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Soccer is an ancient sport, has a long history. Originated in ancient China as a ball game "Cuju" and later spread to Europe through the Arabs developed into a modern football. Therefore, the home of football in China. It is said that Greeks and Romans had been engaged in the Middle Ages before a football game. In a rectangular space on the ball in the middle of the white line, with their feet kicked the ball rolls to the other sites,  The origin of modern soccer in the United Kingdom, is derived from the 12th century that they and Denmark have taken place before and after the war, after the war, the British soldiers to see the head on the ground in Denmark, the Danish soldiers in the United Kingdom has a very hated, then kicking up silt to the That head. To the early 19th century, football in Europe and Latin America at that time a number of countries, particularly in the United Kingdom is already quite popular capitalism. Until 1848, the sport's first rules of the form of a text, "Cambridge Rules" was born.
The so-called "Cambridge Rules", that is early in the 19th century London, Oxford and Cambridge established between the game rules. At that time there were 11 individuals in each team match. Because at that time lived in school dormitories each with 10 students and a teacher, so they are 11 people from each side competition between dormitories and the dormitory, now 11, who is a football game then began. October 26, 1863, the British Football Association in England, held a very important meeting in the history of modern football. Return Journey race drafted, but some of the provisions of the rules are from a far cry from today's. At that time there is such an example: When the ball between the goal posts in the above space to enter or cross, no matter how high, if not by hand-thrown, hit, transport into, are considered to win a ball. At that time the player's position and is also different from today's Lineup: Each team a goalkeeper, a defender, an avant-garde and eight forwards. Rules soon Lineup change: A goalkeeper, two defenders, three avant-garde and five forwards. So play the game player is 11 person.
However, numerous data indicate that the emergence of ancient Chinese football earlier than in Europe, history is more ancient. China's ancient football known as the "Cuju" or "step on Ju", "instant success" and "tread" are kicking the meaning of "Ju" is the name of the ball. "Cuju" first recorded in the "Shi Ji Qi bandit up to write", the Han dynasty scholar Liu Xiang, "Do not Catalog" and the Chinese Yan Shi worked, "Han Mei Sheng Biography" were recorded. To the Tang and Song Dynasties, "Cuju" activities have been very popular, becoming an elegant palace among the activities. In July 1958, the former FIFA president Joao Havelange had come to China, Dr. Said: Soccer originated in China. Of course, due to the limitations of the feudal society of ancient China Cuju activities eventually did not develop into a "fair competition" for the principle of the modern football. This qualitative leap in capitalism, the British completed.
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The English are accredited with starting football, and have continued to support it as a nation. Although cricket and rugby have a strong following Britain, the majority seek out and follow soccer, football, or footie as the locals call it.

The Italians adopted it as their national sport,and turned it into an obsession, which the entire nation is infected by, all 63 million of them. They play a tricky game of showmanship, clutching their limbs and rolling around to gain attention, which some call cheating, but yet seems to work, it got them the World Cup from France,while England was eliminated early in the playoffs.

Many other European nations and South American countries have taken it to their hearts. It is a major sport in Africa too and is played all over the continent. Among the most famous English players, are the late George Best, and David Beckham, who is soon to move to America to teach them something they never caught on to.

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