How Many Different English Clubs Have Won The European Cup And Champions League?


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Since 1968, when Manchester United became the first English side to win the trophy, a further three English clubs have gone on to win the European cup. These clubs are Liverpool, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa.

When Liverpool won the first of their five European cups in 1977, when they beat Borussia Moenchengladbach three one, this started a run of seven English triumphs in eight years in the tournament.

The only two sides to win the European cup in it's current format the Champions league are Manchester United who won the trophy in Barcelona, Spain in 1999 and Liverpool, who won the trophy in what is argued to be the greatest cup final of all time in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey.

With Liverpool retrieving a 3-0 half time deficit to eventually win the match on penalties after the game was drawn 3-all.
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