How Many Times Manchester United Won Champions League?

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Manchester United have won the Champions League twice,although they have won the cup three times in total,before the European Cup was renamed Champions League in 1992.
The three times they have won is as follows-
1967/68 won 4-1 v's Benfica(in extra time)
1998/99 won 2-1 v's Bayern Munich
2007/08 won 6-5 on penalties v's Chelsea after a 1-1 draw after normal/extra time.
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They've won 4-1 against Benfica 1968. They've won 2-1 against Byern Munchen 1999. And they won 1-1 (6-5 pen.) against Chelsea 2008.

But they lost in the final for the first time against Barcelona 2-0 (2009)
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Twice - 1999 + 2008 . 1968 win - trophy called european cup
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5 times
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1968 ... 1999 ... 2008 ... They should emerge as winners in 2009 as well !

"Forever United"

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