How Was Chelsea Football Club Founded?


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Chelsea Football Club was founded on March 14th, 1905 at the 'Rising Sun' pub which is now known as 'the Butcher's Hook' and is situated opposite the main entrance to the ground on Fulham Road.
The original founder was a businessman called Gus Mears.

The founding of Chelsea FC in 1905 Gus Mears and his brother Joseph actually bought the Stamford Bridge Athletics ground in 1896 with the idea of holding football matches there. However they were unable to persuade the existing local football team of Fulham to adopt it as their home ground. Mears was on the verge of selling the ground in 1904 when his close friend Fred Parker persuaded him to start up a new football team to play there instead.

The naming of Chelsea Football Club As with many football teams, the name of the club proved to be something of a dispute in the early years.
Several names based on the local South-West London area included:
  • London FC
  • Kensington FC
  • Stamford Bridge FC
Eventually, the name Chelsea FC was settled upon - derived from the 'Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea'.
History of Chelsea FC The blue colour of the Chelesea kit that has become recognizable all over the world started life as a slightly paler hue known as 'Eton Blue'. The colour was chosen because it was the racing colour of the club's president Earl Cadogan. Tommy Docherty, Chelsea's manager during the sixties was the one to introduce the blue shorts combination that makes the kit distinctive.
Chelsea have only ever had one home ground: Stamford Bridge. The stadium has been renovated several times, often causing the club significant financial pressure.
Chelsea FC no longer have financial concerns of that kind any more though -  considering their current owner is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. For more information about the history of the club, why not check out the Chelsea FC website.

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