Where Is Schalke The Football Club From?


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Schalke is a football club based in the North Rhine Westphalia (or somewhere between Essen, Munster and Dortmund). The club shares its name with the district of Schalke located in Gelsenkirchen. Have a look at this google maps search if you'd like more of a visual description of where the team's home ground is located.

Who are Schalke FC? The club's full name is FC Schalke 04 and is also known by the following names:
  • FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V
  • The Royal Blues
  • Die Knappen
  • S04
The team is one of the most popular in German football and currently plies its trade in the top tier of German football.

Background of Schalke 04 The Schalke 04 football club was formed on the 4th of May 1904 (hence the name). The home stadium of the team is known as Veltins Arena or simply Gelsenkirchen and has a capacity of around 62,000.

The Chairman of the club is Gerhard Rehberg and the current manager of the club is Mirko Slomka.
The team currently plays its football in top flight German football known as the German Bundesliga which it has won seven times.

In 1997, Schalke lifted one of Europe's most prestigious trophies, the UEFA cup.
The final, against Inter Milan was widely regarded as one of the tensest matches in the history of the UEFA cup, with the match being decided on penalties.
Other than that UEFA cup victory, the club has had relatively modest success on the field. This is despite having had star players like Raul, Kevin Kuranyi, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar on their roster.

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