Where Did American Football Originate?


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American football grew out of several local variants of rugby.  I read many opinions that Walter Camp invented it. But nowadays it is very popular sport game and many people training, watching professional matches, make bets via and enjoy this game in general!

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Thanks very much. I will consider it with the utmost thoroughness. Personally I don't care where did American Football originate, as provides sports betting on any football you can only imagine. They are not limited by the country or type of football. Just come and start reviewing the scores.

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During the 1823 rugby originated in England. Rugby was then introduced to the North Americans by the British army. It was introduced in the city of Montreal in the year 1868. The game later evolved into two separate forms namely the American Football and the Canadian Football.

American Football is commonly known as 'Football' in the US. The main purpose of the game is to score points by reaching the end zone of the opposing team. Scoring points can be done in various ways like carrying the ball over the goal line or by kicking it through the goal posts of the opposite team.

American football is the most famous sport in the United States and Canada. The championship game is known as the 'Super Bowl'. The super bowl is broadcasted over more than 150 countries.
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