How Many Pro Footballers Have Died Since 1975 To Present Day?


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There is no exact count of the amount of professional footballers that have died since the year 1975.

Football is name given to quiet a few, but related to team sports. The most well known of these is the world-wide in association football which is commonly known as soccer. The English term "Football" is also used for American football, Australian Rules football, Canadian football, Gaelic football, rugby football and many other related games. All of these ciphers are referred to as "football" by their faction.

Most of these recent games have originated from England, though many people across the globe have played games which implicated kicking or carrying a ball since olden days. Though it is thought that the term "football" was started in reference to the act of foot kicking a ball, there is a reverse explanation, which goes as that football was initially referred to a wide range of games played using the foot, during the medieval period.

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