Who Is The Most Capped Welsh Footballer?


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Former Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall is the most-capped player in Welsh football history. He amassed ninety-two caps in a distinguished playing career that resulted in the Welshman winning the FA cup and the league championship as a player.

The most-capped Welsh football players Second in the list of most-capped Welsh players is (current) Bolton Wanderers player, Gary Speed who, (in a career that has included every premiership season since its inception), has played for his country on eighty-five separate occasions.

Former Derby County and Liverpool striker Dean Saunders comes in at third, with seventy-five caps.

All-time leading goal scorer for Liverpool Ian Rush comes in at joint fourth with Peter Nicholas. Both appeared for Wales on seventy-three separate occasions.

Ex-Manchester United and Chelsea player (and current manager of Blackburn Rovers) Mark Hughes comes in at sixth, with the former Premier League winner having played for his nation on seventy-two different occasions.

Ryan Giggs, (who in my opinion is the best player in the history of Welsh football), played fewer than 50 games for his country at international level. This was mainly due to Giggs's Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson having a policy of refusing to release his players for international friendlies. With Wales often proving unable to qualify for major tournaments, this significantly limited Giggs's opportunities to wear a Wales shirt.
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I'll start by saying GO WALES - my dad is Welsh!

I don't know how many players you want, but here is the answer:

  1. Neville Southall,1982-1997, 92 caps 0 goals,
  2. Gary Speed,1990-2004, 85 caps 7 goals
  3. Dean Saunders,1986-2001, 75 caps 22 goals
  4. Joint 4th is Peter Nicholas,1979-1991, 73 caps 2 goals; and Ian Rush,1980-1996, 73 caps 28 goals
  5. Mark Hughes,1984-1999, 72 caps 16 goals.

Hope this helps!
Greetings from Scotland.

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