Which Player Holds The Record For The Most League Goals Scored In A Single Season?


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The record for the most league goals scored in a single season belongs to former Everton and Tranmere Rovers centre forward Dixie Dean.

In an almost unbelievable season in nineteen twenty seven, nineteen twenty eight, Dean scored sixty league goals in only thirty nine football league games.

Dean ended the season with a total of eighty two goals in all club games, with a further three goals added in that season's FA cup and another nineteen added in representative matches for the Toffees.

George Camsell the former Middlesbrough centre forward held the record prior to dean, setting the standard at fifty nine league goals in a single season only the previous year earlier in the nineteen twenty six, twenty seven season.

Camsell's goals however came outside of the top flight, as at the time Boro where playing their football in the old second division. Having said that, Camsell strike rate was marginally better than Dean's with his fifty nine league goals coming in only thirty seven matches.

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