In Football What Does UEFA Stand For?


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The word UEFA stands for Union of European Football Association. It is the governing administrative body of European football. The organization has both male and female divisions, and represents football leagues in 53 different countries.

What does UEFA stand for? Although the UEFA acronym is in English, the organization's headquarters are located in Nyon, Switzerland. Previous locations for the headquarters include Paris, France and Bern, Switzerland. For this reason, the organization is sometimes referred to by it's French acronym UAEF or Union des Associations Européennes de Football. What does UEFA do? The job of UEFA is to act as an administrative governing body of European football. It represents every recognized football association in each of it's 53 member states. It's role involves the following:
  • Running international and club competitions
  • Controls the prize money for these competitions
  • Sets the regulations and qualification requirements
  • Handles the media rights and distributes revenue generated
What competitions does UEFA run?
The competitions that UEFA are responsible for organizing can be divided into two main types: International competitions, and club-level competitions.
At international level the main tournament is the European Football championship which began in 1958 and is held every four years (always falling on the same year as the summer Olympic games). The men's main tournament is a major sporting event, although there is also a corresponding woman's event that generates significant interest. There are also tournaments run for various age groups (ranging from under-17 to under-21).

At club level, the main competition UEFA are involved in is the European Champions League. The event is held every year, with the top teams from across Europe chosen to take part each year. For major leagues like the European Premier League, the top four teams are invited to take part. For 'lesser' leagues, the national reigning champions are required to qualify to the tournament through a preliminary knock-out stage.
As well as being a standard for footballing greatness, taking part in the UEFA Champions League comes with significant financial rewards. For making the group stage of the tournament, each team is rewarded with €3.9 million. For winning the tournament outright, a team is awarded €9 million.
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Union of European Football Associations.
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It stands for union of European football association.

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