What Are The Different Kinds Of Kicks In Football?


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Football the widely watched sport has created its kick waves among most of the nations. Well, some basics of the different kinds of kicks in football are; kick-off, throw-in, goal kick, corner kick, indirect free kick, direct free kick, penalty kick and dropped-ball.

A kick-off is a goal done by the opposing team. A throw-in is when the ball has crossed the touchline. The goal kick is when the ball has crossed the goal line but a goal is not scored. The Corner kick is when the ball has completely crossed the goal line up devoid of a goal having been scored and if it has been touched by a defender. Indirect free kick is the disparate team next "non-penal" fouls, or when play is congested to vigilance an opponent devoid of an exact foul having occurred. Direct free kick is given to fouled team. A penalty kick is given to the fouled team after a foul has occurred. Dropped-ball occurs when the arbitrator has stopped the game for some reason.
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There is specific kicks like the bicycle kick or a rainbow kick my personal favorite

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