Which Are The Best Astroturf Football Boots?


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The best brands of football boots for Astroturf surfaces are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Hi-tec, Kappa, Lotto, Mitre, Mizuno, Nomis, Uhlsport, Umbro and Valsport.

The football boots which are ideal for use while playing on Astroturf surfaces are the same variety that are suitable for use on hard ground (HG) surfaces as well. Hard ground football boots are those boots which are suitable for playing on natural surfaces, most of which are hard ground surfaces.

Hard ground football shoes have a configuration of multiple studs on their soles. This configuration comprises a series of short, low-lying studs. These studs are made of rubber. They are located quite close to each other and usually cover the entire sole of each boot. They are suitable only for those surfaces that do not offer much give. Natural firm surfaces have a reasonable degree of give or softness that allows the studs to sink in.

The studs are deliberately at a low profile so that they do not penetrate the ground fully. The Astroturf playing surface, like the hard ground surface, has a rough texture and is also pitted roughly so as to allow the studs to grip the surface of the pitch.
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I wouldn’t use any of the specially designed astro-turf boots as they don’t provide allot of cushioning against the quite hard astro-pitch surfaces. A tennis runner would be better.

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