How Many Miles Does A Tennis Player Run In A Match?


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A tennis player who is playing an intense match with up to five sets somewhere at Wimbledon tennis tournament could easily run between 2 to 4 miles!

How many miles are run by a tennis player depends on several factors such as:

Level of tennis being played

If someone plays tennis professionally, for a living, then they will have to run about a lot as professional tennis can be very competitive.

However if the player is just playing for fun they may not move around as much as they're only doing it for enjoyment and there is less pressure.

How fit each player is important

Obviously in tennis, as with all sports, the higher your level of fitness the faster you are able to run and serve. If a tennis player is unfit they will run out of energy pretty quickly and run at a slower pace.

Also, some matches can go on for up to five sets in some professional tennis tournaments so that can involve an awful lot of running to and fro!

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