What Is The Scoring System In Rugby League Match?


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There are four different ways to score points in a Rugby League match. The main objective of the game is to attempt to score a try. This is scored when the ball is touched down with sufficient downward pressure by a player on, or behind, the opposing team's try line. This scores four points. After each try scored, the scoring team's kicker has an opportunity to add a further two points by attempting to place kick the ball over the post and between the uprights of the goalposts. The kick is taken as far back on the pitch as the kicker wishes, directly in a horizontal line from where the try was scored.

Whenever a penalty is awarded to a team, they have the option of attempting to score a penalty goal by place kicking the ball (from where the infringement occurred) over the bar and between the uprights of the goalposts. If successful, the penalty goal is worth two points. A further point can also be scored from open play by a dropped-goal. This involves a player dropkicking the ball over the bar and between the uprights of the goalpost. The team with the most points scored wins the game.
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What happens if a game is cancelled because one of the teams can't raise a side for the fixture. Are there any points awarded to the other side who are able and willing to play.

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