In Tennis To Achieve A Grand Slam How Many Titles Does A Player Have To Win?


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In tennis to achieve a grand slam a player has to all the four major tournaments that are Australian Open , Wimbledon , French Open or Rolland Garros and U.S. Open in the same year.It is very difficult as there are four different surfaces and to excell in each of them is incredible.
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In tennis the four major tournaments held annually are the Australian Open held in January, the French Open held in May-June, Wimbledon held in June-July and the US Open held in August-September. The tournaments are referred to as Grand Slams and the player winning all four tournaments is said to have won a Grand Slam; if the player accomplishes in one calendar year then the achievement is referred to as a True Grand Slam.

The achievement is all the more difficult as each tournament is played on a different surface which affects the type of tennis played and only players who can adjust their game as required on each surface are able to win a Grand Slam. The Australian Open is played on Rebound Ace hard courts, the French Open is played on clay courts, Wimbledon is played on grass courts and the US Open is played on Deco Turf hard courts.

The tennis players to have achieved a Grand Slam in recent times are Andre Agassi among men and Serena Williams and Steffi Graf among women; Steffi Graf is one of the few players to have won a True Grand Slam when she accomplished the feat in 1988.
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In order to win a so-called "Grand Slam", a professional tennis player must win all four titles at the four different venues recognized as being part of the "Grand Slam", within the same calendar year. Those tournaments are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open, listed in order as they appear during a given tennis season.
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He/She have to win all the 4 grand slams
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A grand slam means wining all the four grand slams " australian open", "The French Open", " Wimbledon" and the "U.S open".
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How many points does a male tennis player win in a grand slam as well as runner-up, semi-final,
quarterfinal and so forth?

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