How Was The Game Of Rugby Invented?


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Rugby football is a game that has descended from a common form of football developed at Rugby School in England. As the story goes, a pupil named William Webb Ellis picked up a ball and ran with it in 1823 whilst playing a form of football developed at Rugby School. It is said that players and spectators alike were baffled by the sudden changing of the rules by young William, mid-way through playing a conventional football match. It is important to note that the football played at the school at this time was a much earlier version of the game than Association Football, which was codified much later. However, there is little evidence of the William Web Ellis myth as records show the game was given the School's first seal of approval following an investigation by the Old Rugbeian Society in 1895. Despite this disappointment, the story has entered in to legend and the rugby World Cup trophy is named after William and a plaque at the School commemorates his achievement.
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It is known that in 1823 rugby was invented by a young player, William Webb Ellis. He picked the ball and ran with it while playing football at Rugby school.
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William webb ellis picked up a soccer ball and started running with it.PS. If you hate rugby you are a dick.
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Forms for different football have existed from many years ago like from 1800's in England.In some football schools played a similar game like playing it only with feet,but there was another school the Rugby school which started using hands as well.In 1862, the official rules were initially agreed on and documented.In 1871, the Rugby Football Union was formed with 21 clubs and this was the official start of what is now known as Rugby Union Football.The precise date and how Rugby's game developed differently is not really known.Hope you get a good idea how Rugby started.
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I started playing with my mates back in the day like in the 1780's aye.
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Basically, there was a breakaway from Rugby Union in 1895, the first game with the new rules (13 a side, changed rules regarding the scrum) was played in 1906, and the official League was formed in 1922. The best overview I've found so far is at
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It was invented when william web ellis pick up a football and started running with it and what was the point in putting I hate rugby

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