Who Has Won More Trophies, Arsenal Or Spurs?


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Arsenal FC have won more trophies than Tottenham Hotspur FC. The Gunners (Arsenal) have won 27 major honors, whilst Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) have won 17. The teams have a fierce rivalry and matches between the clubs are known as the north London Derby. Arsenal have won this particular match more times than Spurs.

Arsenal FC are one of the most successful teams in the history of English football, and achieved the highest average league finishing positioning of any English club in the 20th century.

The rivalry between the two clubs didn't begin until Arsenal moved from Plumstead to their new home Highbury in 1913, only five miles from White Hart Lane. The first league encounter between the two sides was in 1921, with Spurs winning that encounter 2-1.

Top Flight Titles

- Arsenal: 13

- Spurs: 2

FA Cup Wins

- Arsenal: 10

- Spurs: 8

League Cup Wins

- Arsenal: 2

- Spurs: 4

Total Domestic Trophies (not including second division trophies)

- Arsenal: 25

- Spurs: 14

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

- Arsenal: 1

- Spurs: 1

UEFA Cup/Europa League

- Arsenal: 0

- Spurs: 2

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

- Arsenal: 1

- Spurs: 0

Total European Trophies

- Arsenal: 2

- Spurs: 3

Total Trophies

- Arsenal: 27

- Spurs: 17

North London Derby Results (all competitions)

- Arsenal Wins: 72

- Spurs Wins: 53

- Draws: 47

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Arsenal has more trophies as compared to that of Spurs. They are more famous among people due to their great achievements.

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