What Is The Job Of A Winger In Rugby Union?


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A winger or a wing in rugby union plays on either the extreme left or the extreme right. Wingers are usually the fastest players on the field. They score the most tries. The wingers act as finishers on movements. The idea behind the creation of space by the forwards and the backs inside the wingers is so that when they receive the ball, they have a clear run for the try-line.

The wingers are usually the fastest members of a rugby union team, but they also need to be able to side-step or otherwise avoid their opponents in order to score tries. Defensively, they must be good tacklers, in order to prevent the opposition from getting past them by a big margin and also when a try is on the cards. Wingers also act as additional full-backs on opposition kicks. In addition to the extra responsibility, they must be able to get back from a kick by the opposition to give the full-back options on either side.

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