Can Someone Explain Golf To Me, Scoring And Handicaps? Please Help, I Would Really Like To Understand.


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18 holes/ a front nine and a back nine= 18
   each hole depending on length has a "number of shots"  to get it in from tee to cup(hole)   NUMBER OF SHOTS BEING IT'S "par"
200 YARD HOLE ~ par 3
400 yard hole par 4
etc or roughly there abouts
The scoring~
  par is even
  birdie~ 1 under par ...-1
  bogey~1 over par...+1   
  double bogey~+2  
an Eagle being 2 under par
Most courses are a Par 72 ish
The total of all 18 holes' pars
Handicap is a number a player determines by the number of strokes one averages over par for 18 holes
   ~~~an 18 handicap shoots roughly a ninety every round

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In an informal game of golf you play 9 or 18 holes. The object is to get the ball from tee (starting point of a hole) into the hole (ending point of a hole) in the least number of strokes that you can. The game itself, is not as easy as it looks. There are obstacles on your way from tee to green (the short grass on which the hole is located). Handicaps are a system of scoring to give the weaker golfer a fairer chance against a better golfer. Handicaps are based on the scores you post every time you play. Go to this web sight for more info. I don't remember whic, com or org.

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